Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Beginnings–An Introduction

   The Women of Hope “blog” has been on my mind for a while. I had discarded the idea of the blog because there are many good articles on the internet by Christian women. And the past few years have been distracting, with Wayne’s surgeries, taking care of my mother, then tending to her affairs after she died. There has been much catching up since then.

With the coming of the new year, I decided it is time to do more writing. However, Women of Hope will be different. The “Christian Courier women” will contribute articles and book reviews. We know how busy you are, so our articles will be not be lengthy, but hopefully relevant and helpful.

Christian Courier Publications is important to each of us. Though we have not written anything major or well-known, we support our husbands with the “Courier” mission. We are delighted when we learn of someone obeying the gospel because of our efforts. There are thousands of people who daily find the productions of this work helpful. We hope to share that kind of news with you throughout the year.

Who are the “Christian Courier women”?  We are Betty Jackson, Sandy Jackson, Jill Jackson, and Tyrian Boggs (Tyrian is unable to be part of Women of Hope at this time due to heavy responsibilities. However, she is vital to our work and we appreciate her.) We will contribute articles to Women of Hope as we are able. 

Links are below to learn more about us.

        About Sandy Jackson          About Jill Jackson     About Betty Jackson

We hope and pray that this site will be of value to you in your work for the kingdom of our dear Lord.

With Love,
Betty Jackson

Jason and Jill Jackson
Wayne and Betty Jackson
Jared and Sandy Jackson

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